Sleep loss is really a wide spread problem with serious physical and financial consequences. Music such as sleep meditation relaxation could impact upon physical, psychological and emotional states, which may possibly explain anecdotal accounts of its own success as a normal sleep aid. However, there is too little systematic data on how widely it's used, why folks elect for music for a sleep aid, or that which music works; hence the underlying drivers into music-sleep effects continue to be cloudy. We researched music for a sleep aid over the overall public with a mixed methods statistics on the web survey (n = 651) that scored musicality, sleep habits, and also open text answers on which music will help sleep and also why. In general, 62% of respondents stated they used music to help people sleep. They reported two musical genres comprising 545 artists. Regression tree modelling revealed that younger individuals who have higher musical participation were significantly more inclined to use music to assist sleep. Thematic analysis of their open text answers generated four themes that described why people believe music can help sleep: music provides exceptional properties which excite sleep (Provide), music a part of a typical sleep routine (Habit), music induces a bodily or state of mind conducive to sleeping (State), and music cubes an internal or external stimulation that will otherwise disrupt sleep (Distract). This survey offers new signs into the relationship between music and sleep in a people which ranged widely in age, musicalityand sleep habits and stress grades. In particular, the results highlight the varied pathways of effect between sleep and music. Diversity was observed both in music choices, which reflected idiosyncratic preferences in place of any consistent musical arrangement, and in reasons why music encourages good sleep, which moved beyond simple physical/mental comfort.

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